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The result of collaboration with Kiva was the development of the Miracle Mobile Solution (MiMoSo) and a manual to support the activities of the credit officers of each organization. The MiMoSo is a piece of software that allows content from a Multi Media Service (MMS) messages sent from a mobile phone to be uploaded directly to the Kiva website.

The message is sent to afour specified Kiva email address where it is parsed and then made available as an update on the site for the lenders of each business. The MMS is like a deluxe text message that allows additional media formats to accompany the messages. 3,000 characters of text are permitted with each message (roughly ¾ of a normal page.) The result of this piece of software is that credit officers visiting clients in the field can take a photo, conduct an interview with the entrepreneur and then include a full journal entry from the field. This eliminates the need for a return trip to the office and a transfer of details that may include going from paper to a digital word file that then must be uploaded via the website. Additionally it eliminates the need to visit an internet café on days when the power or connectivity does not allow sending from the office.

The results of each phase of the project are available here for download

Contextual research materials (interviews, generative sessions, brainstorms) developed for use with Kiva partners in East Africa. Download PDF
Summary of an interview with Kin Kalisa Ibrahim - Special advisor to the president of Uganda on ICT matters. Download PDF
Benchmark of existing ICT for development projects. Download PDF

Context Research
Presentation of context research results. Download PDF
Presentation of project briefs. Download PDF
Profile videos of key staff members and other relevant footage.
Credit Officer (operate directly with individual entrepreneurs)
‘Techie’ (staff member most responsible for technology issues)
Staff processes (a review of staff operations related to work with Kiva)
Field visit (with credit officers from WEEC in Kenya)

Presentation of concepts developed in collaboration with MFIs. Download PDF

Full results of testing in East Africa as well as guidelines for implementation are available in the final document below. Field testing video
Test results assessed against project briefs. Download PDF

The full report, including complete project details, is available here.
Appropriate Technology for East Africa: people driven solutions for online microlending